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Getting Ready For Spring Painting

Painting The Room
The winter is slowly going by and, I don't know about you, but just around this time I start looking towards the March break and house painting! I know, I know it's way to early but, oddly enough, it keeps me going through these few months until I get to uproot the home and start painting away.

Now, this year I probably won't do the whole house and plan to do a "strategic" painting of one or two kids' rooms. But what I'll do this time is take a more spiritual approach. I've been reading a lot of spiritual teachings lately and picked up a few courses related to the topic as well. So I'd like to start implementing a few things I learned and see if they actually work!

A lot is being said about the relationship between the colors in your life and the levels of energy that you experience in your daily life. And you've probably heard about chakras, the energy vortexes that are housed in our bodies, and how they each have their own corresponding color. Well - there's my experiment - I'll pick a couple of colors related to specific chakras and paint the rooms of my kids accordingly. We still have to sit down and discuss this and I'll let them pick the color of the chakra they feel is the best for them!

I hope the "experiment" turns out ok! If not, there's always more paint to buy! :-) Here is an excellent article written by Carol Tuttle (the author of the Carol Tuttle Healing School) describing the chakras, their matching colors and how they affect us and our lives...

Each of our chakras has its own unique color which energetically influences healing and the senses. Raising our vibration while balancing mind, body, and soul.

Color therapy or chromatherapy, is a form of holistic healing that has been effectively treating physical and emotional issues for thousands of years. When decorating your home using color therapy techniques, you bring healing energy into the space and release negative ones. Balancing the flow in all our energy centers can manifest a life of joy, contentment, happiness and abundance.

The Root Chakra color is red.

1st Chakra stones are red jasper, onyx, and garnet. Black, brown and grey are also associated with the 2nd chakra.

This fiery color of luck and abundance is well known for also being the color of love and romance. Be cautious with too much red, as it can cause restlessness, over stimulation and angers out bursts. Use small amounts of red in the bedroom through accessories and decorations to keep passion in balance. Red is best placed in offices or areas relating to finances and success.

The Navel Chakra color is orange.

2nd Chakra stones are orange zincite and carnelian.

This bright, vibrant color is about relationships and ‘’relating’’, promoting lively conversations and good times. It is the passion center, our link to the world, where we manifest dreams, ambitions and goals.

A front hallway featuring orange will feel cheerful and inviting to all who enter. Place orange in any room that needs an exuberant, creative boost. Avoiding areas of quiet and reflection.

The Solar Plexus Chakra color is yellow.

3rd Chakra stones are yellow sapphire and citrine.

This cheerful, warm color symbolizes the sun’s radiant energy and is used for uplifting the spirit and building confidence. Decorate with splashes of yellow for enhanced learning, mental activity, movement, digestion and converting food into energy for the body. Friends and family will feel the benefits of a yellow kitchen, making this a pleasant area for socializing. Introverted or shy guests will feel at ease seated a table featuring a vase of welcoming sunflowers. Help a student struggling with low self esteem by painting a wall yellow, or decorating their desk with a yellow lamp.

The Heart Chakra color is green. Pink is also associated with the 4th chakra.

4th Chakra stones are green tourmaline or rose quartz.

The color green is connects us to healing emotions of heart love, trust, compassion, empathy and forgiveness. It also governs relationships and passion. Green is excellent for every space in the house. Adding an simple air cleaning houseplant to each room symbolizes the growing, healing power of green. Nurturing a living plant by watering, feeding, and providing sunlight is a calming effort that balances our emotional stability and well being.

The Throat Chakra color is turquoise and shades of light blue.

5th Chakra stones are blue lace agate and turquoise.

Blue is the color of artistic expression, communication and security. It alleviates insomnia, calms anxiety and lowers blood pressure. This color would be excellent for sleeping or studying rooms, artist lofts, craft rooms or as accent color in home offices.

The Brow Chakra color is indigo or navy blue and dark shades of blue.

6th Chakra stones are sodalite or lapis lazuli.

Indigo has a sedative effect and is a good choice in bedrooms, meditation areas or studies. Rooms with this color feel peaceful and tranquil. Indigo is best used with moderation as too much can cause feelings of depression or loneliness. This is a color to avoid using in high energy rooms or areas for socializing such as family rooms or kitchens.

The Crown Chakra color is purple/violet. Also associated with the 7th chakra is white or clear.

7th Chakra stones are amethyst and clear quartz.

Violet is the color of wisdom, intuition and consciousness. It assists in reflection, introspection and meditation. Violet or purple decor will balance spiritual and physical energies when used in bedrooms or libraries.

When chakra color therapy is incorporated in our lives it has a profound effect on many levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Maybe you are contemplating a whole house makeover or need a simple pick-me-up by adding a few chakra crystals or stones in windowsills. These decisions affect our whole being, by unblocking depleted chakra centers and renewing our overall joy for life.

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